Wasp Nest Treatments in Hampshire

Are you and your family looking forward to spending time outdoors in your garden this summer?

Many UK garden owners have noticed something that you are not quite looking forward to... such as Wasps. In August and September Wasp numbers are at their peak. Just one Wasp can cause many of us to run around waving our arms in the air, so you can imagine what finding a whole nest could do?

Just like humans, Wasps are social too, building nests together or solitarily laying their eggs in cracks or crevices. At their peak a Wasp’s nest can contain 6 to 10 thousand Wasps which tend to be more aggressive toward the end of the year when the workers die off. It might only be the female Wasps that have a sting, but they can use this repeatedly.

Wasp Nests Southampton

Wasps can also attack in numbers if disturbed or if they feel threatened. Wasps are not just a nuisance, they can be a great danger. Their stings are painful and can trigger an Anaphylactic Shock in some humans.

If you are suffering with Wasps call South Hants Lawns will be happy to arrange a visit, our initial call out is only £40* including treatment of the first wasp nest! If you have thought about having a Wasps nest removed, the situation can be dealt with more simply through a Wasp Nest Treatment that will rid the Wasp nest all Wasps.

We often get called out to what a customer thinks is a wasp nest but it is actually bees. As bees are in decline and behave differently to wasps we take the approach its best to leave them alone. But please call us to discuss your concerns.

We also work weekends and our lines are always open, so if you’re working in your garden over the weekend and you discover a wasp nest either in the ground, hedge or the eves of the roof of your house or shed......don’t hesitate in calling us!!!

*£40 relates to Wasp Nest Treatments in the Southampton area, any areas outside of this may be subject to travel charge, but please call us to discuss your requirements where ever you are in South Hants, we are always happy to help.


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