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Turfing and Turf Laying in Hampshire

Often we find that customers would sooner have a new lawn instantly instead of reseeding which takes a little while to grow and establish. Turfing offers a good value for money option. South Hants Lawns have a range of turfs that we can use to create your perfect lawn or garden.

With turfing, the key is to get the preparation right before laying the new turf. If you simply lay turf on an old lawn, the results will probably not be what you were looking to achieve.

We will often recommend adding new top soil to help with the root structure develop. If there is not currently adequate top soil then the new turf will not establish correctly.

Turf can be laid throughout most of the year, but frosty conditions are to be avoided. During prolonged hot periods of weather the turfs will require extra care mainly in the form of irrigation.

Once your lawn has been laid we will advise you on the watering requirements along with any other “Do’s” and “Don’ts”. However, if you have any problems at all, remember we are only a phone call away and we always carry out a follow up inspection around 3-4 weeks after the turf has had time to settle.

Top Soil

Top Soil Southampton

Top Soil is the uppermost layer of soil, this is where the grass roots get the nutrients ideally this layer should be 6-8 inches in depth to support a good root structure. You may need top soil if the current levels are insufficient or of poor quality. South Hants Lawns only use premium top soils for our work.


Lawn Edging Southampton

To keep a clean defined edge to your lawn we have a range of edging products on offer, from metal, plastic and wood. If you have problems with sinking or crumbling edges on your lawn, contact us as we would be more than happy to discuss your options.


Rotivation Southampton

Rotavation is a process that breaks up the soil into a fine tilth, once the area has been rotavated itwill need raking over to remove any stones or old roots that have been bought to the surface. It is now that any lumps and bumps are dealt with. The depth to rotavate to, is dependent upon the soil but this can range from 10cm to 20cm. However care must be taken not to de-structure the soil too much, but enough for the grass roots to flourish.

Based in Hampshire, South Hants Lawns provide Turfing and Turf laying in Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Andover, Fareham, Havant, Waterlooville, Totton, Eastleigh and the surrounding areas. If you are outside of this area please call to discuss and we will endeavour to help. See our Coverage Map

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