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Spring Advice

Spring Advice

The main reasons for moss within a lawn are:

  Cutting the lawn too short
  Not aerating the lawn so there are compaction problems
  Not clearing fallen leaves off the lawn quickly enough
  Too much thatch within the lawn.

In our local area specific problems I am seeing now are:

  Damaged caused by water logging
  Poor air circulation
  Shaded areas
  Damage that was not repaired from the previous year
  Positioning i.e. Northerly facing lawns.

Spring Advice 2


From the few points listed above it’s clear to see that moss will develop in a broad variety of conditions. However this does not mean it’s a pointless task to have a nice lawn.  Applying a good spring fertiliser will supply the nutrients the grass needs in its spring growth cycle.  Treating the moss and then scarifying it out will remove most of the moss allowing an increased air flow to the soil……don’t forget to then over-seed the patches because as we know the moss doesn’t need too much of an invite to move in!!!!

Treat yourself to a new mower blade so the grass sward will be cut and not damaged by a blunt blade…..raise the blade to a height of around 1.5-2inches.  Remember the one third rule when cutting.

South Hants Lawns are currently preparing our customers lawns ready for the year ahead, if you would like a free survey and a little help to get your lawn in get shape give us a call on 02381 159822 and either Kevin or Natasha will be more than happy to help.

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