Royal Grass® Silk 25 friendly soft

If you like sleek, well-kept and impeccable, you will like our Silk 25. With its ‘freshly mowed’ look, it is probably the one quality that everybody likes. This grass can also be used in a wide range of applications.

Additional advantage

Its unique balance between ‘look’ and ‘feel’: a beautiful, serene quality that is also very easy to use.

Perfect for

  • Families with children
  • Day-care centres, nurseries and schools
  • Green areas of hotels and restaurants
  • Balconies, roof terraces

Unique fibres with an unrivalled appeal

Since the beginning of this century, Royal Grass® has been focusing exclusively on artificial grass for landscaping. The brand has a reputation of being one of the most innovative brands in the world. Among other things, it has developed the V-shape and the revolutionary MiNT® technology. These innovations give the grass its unrivalled resilience, a natural glow and a unique softness.


Olive Green

Installation advice

To give the grass maximum stability, it is recommended to spread the carpet with special dried silica sand: approx. 5-10 kg/m2.

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