Easy Lawn Watering with our Irrigation Systems for Homes and Commercial Gardens

A comprehensive service from design, supply, and installation through to fully supported maintenance services. Each element of the automatic irrigation is tailored to a client’s specific needs. This can include lawns, borders, hanging baskets, and vegetable gardens. Each of these needs specially designed irrigation application techniques to achieve the best irrigation results.


Careful attention to detail at the design stage with client consultations forms the basis for the finalisation of an irrigation system.

Key elements of most systems are tank, pump, controller, solenoid valves and sprinkler outlets. We can supply systems from the smallest hanging basket to large commercial projects.

Benefits of Automated Irrigation


Investing in the right automated irrigation system and relying on professional installation tailored to your preferences and climate can have the following benefits:

Increased sequestration of carbon - carbon sequestration is a natural or artificial process by which free-floating carbon is captured and held; this process can have environmental benefits

Dust control

Noise reduction

A reduction in heat and water retention benefits

Further, an automated irrigation system or drip irrigation system can increase water retention and help conservation efforts by efficiently applying water only to the areas of your landscape that really need it.

Cost-Benefit of Automated Irrigation

Automated irrigation systems are normally discreet and include in-ground components.

Efficiency of irrigation use and time.

Our company fine-tunes the system to deliver water at particular times of the day based on your needs and climate. We also offer maintenance should your automated irrigation system need more fine-tuning or a replacement of parts.

Water Retention and Scientific Rationale - Whether manual or automated, a solid irrigation plan can help stave off high water bills and peak demand.

An automated irrigation system can ensure that your herbaceous plants and overall landscape is efficiently provided water.

Overall Benefits of Irrigation


An automated irrigation system can alleviate many of the problems associated with high water demand, drought or poor use of water.

Your lawn and garden will benefit from a professionally-installed irrigation system that takes into account your climate, landscape and time of day. All of these factors combine to provide you with economic benefits (e.g., increased property value and more efficient use of water) while promoting environmentalism.

South Hants Lawns based in Hampshire provide Irrigation for your Garden or for large commercial projects in Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Andover, Fareham, Havant, Waterlooville, Totton, Eastleigh in Hampshire and the surrounding areas. If you are outside of this area, please call and we will do our best to help.

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