Royal Grass® EcoSense 100% reycyclable

Soft, seductively beautiful and also the only type of artificial grass that is 100% recyclable: all ingredients come from one product group and can be reused to produce new components for artificial grass.

Additional advantage

The fibres stand close to each other. That gives the grass a full body and makes it exceptionally soft and resilient.

Perfect for

  • Balconies or roof terraces
  • Indoor locations
  • Aesthetic applications
  • Decorative lawns for gardens

Unique fibres with an unrivalled appeal

Since the beginning of this century, Royal GrassĀ® has been focusing exclusively on artificial grass for landscaping. The brand has a reputation of being one of the most innovative brands in the world. Among other things, it has developed the V-shape and the revolutionary MiNTĀ® technology. These innovations give the grass its unrivalled resilience, a natural glow and a unique softness.


Summery green

Installation advice

To give the grass maximum stability, it is recommended to spread the carpet with special dried silica sand: approx. 5-10 kg/m2.

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